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Grist for the Mill: Using the Supervisory Relationship to Support Clinicians Providing Child-Parent Psychotherapy

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Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) requires a great deal from any clinician, whether they have experience or not.  Supervising clinicians doing CPP requires the supervisor to hold the clinician’s reactions to and perceptions of the family, monitor the clinician’s work to ensure that they are maintaining fidelity to the CPP model, teach skills, and support the clinician to reflect on and be intentional about their work.  The CPP model is complex and it can take more than 18 months of learning to ‘begin’ to feel integrated in the model.  This reality requires that supervisors do more than ‘just reflect’ on cases- and are called to teach.    Case example and live supervision with be used in this training to highlight the workshop objectives.

This CPP training is open to all CPP trained staff.    Previous CPP training is strongly recommended by not required to attend this training.

About the Instructors

Lili Gray, MSSA, LCSW is a National Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) trainer.  In addition to running dozens of local and national CPP trainings over the years, Ms. Gray worked as a director of counseling of a large child welfare agency for over a decade.  She has over 20 years of experience providing mental health treatment for young children and families.   She is a sought out and popular speaker and consultant, she offers both didactic trainings as well as reflective consultation on trauma treatment, early childhood disorders and family engagement.  Her clinical career has largely focused on impact and recovery from trauma and an emphasis on working with caregivers and families to help restore children to a normal developmental trajectory.  In 2005 Patricia Van Horn, JD, PhD, model developer of Child Parent Psychotherapy trained Gray as the lead clinical supervisor piloting CPP in Illinois. Gray co- authored (with lead Van Horn) a chapter in the 2nd edition of Young Children and Trauma by Guilford Press.  In 2001, she presented at the NTI Zero to 3 Conference on Embedding and Sustaining Evidenced Based practice in child welfare settings. 

Tina Dorow, MSW, MS, LCSW is a therapist, consultant, and national Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) trainer.  She received CPP training from Patricia Van Horn, JD, PhD of the Child Trauma Research Project at UCSF.  Ms. Dorow has been a therapist for 20 years.  Currently, she offers therapy to children and families who have experienced trauma and loss.  She also offers clinical consultation to early childhood and mental health professionals.    Ms. Dorow has facilitated and co-facilitated CPP learning collaboratives in Illinois through the Illinois Child Parent Psychotherapy Learning Collaborative as well as CPP learning collaboratives in other states.


Participants will be able to: 

  1. Learn ways to think about when to teach and when to reflect with clinicians.
  2. Learn ways to give feedback to clinicians in supervision.
  3. Learn ways to form relationships with clinicians.
  4. Learn ways to manage times when they don't have ‘grist’ to offer clinicians.


This CPP training is open to all CPP trained staff.    Previous CPP training is strongly recommended by not required to attend this training.

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