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It’s all about YOU: Prioritizing Adult SEL (Summer Learning)

Audience: PreK-2nd Grade Educators (3-8 yrs old)

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It’s All About YOU: Prioritizing Educator SEL to Support Students and School Community

Educators will apply Erikson’s SEL early childhood model of Humanity and Belonging to their own professional well-being and boost their capacity and efficacy to support SEL in the classroom and school community. Participants will learn practical strategies for self-care and self-compassion, work in small groups to reflect on how to overcome personal or organizational obstacles, and gain perspective on how caring for themselves supports their ability to care for their students and school community. Additionally, topics of neuroscience and a trauma-responsive approach will be explored. Participants will walk away with tools to create a sense of belonging and connection to address the SEL needs of both adults and students for the school year ahead.

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