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Transitioning Forward: Lessons Learned for the Fall (Summer Learning)

Audience: PreK-3rd Grade teachers

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Participants will learn ways to effectively integrate technology into the classroom in 2021. Based on lessons learned from supporting teachers during remote learning and decades of research on children learning from media, participants will explore ways to use technology in their classroom to support engagement, learning, and discover ways they can use remote learning tools and strategies back in the classroom.

Additionally, participants will build on strengthened caregiver communication and engagement both in person as well as virtually. Finally, participants will discuss transitions back into an in-person classroom, new routines, and kindergarten readiness in general. By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • reflect on teaching remotely in order to plan and prioritize for the new school year,
  • build on strengthened caregiver communication and engagement in person and remotely, and
  • use technology to support transitions for students.
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